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How did I get here?

My appreciation for images, still or motion, began when I found my dad's Minolta SRT101 35 mm camera. He bought it in the Philippines on his way to Vietnam. I was in junior high school when I discovered it and instantly I knew this thing would have an impact on my life. I became enamored with this mysterious machine, the dark room, and the stories that could be told inside a single frame.


By high school, I wanted to be a photo journalist. Flipping through bound volumes of National Geographic I proclaimed that I'd travel the world taking pictures, and I'd share those images with as many people as I could.


Then in college I took a basic cinema studies class and my passion evolved. The first film we studied was A Clockwork Orange. I had seen it before but had never understood its meaning. Though certainly important, it wasn't this particular film's content that really captured me. As the credits rolled and the lights came up, I was struck by the power of all of those frames and their endless possibilities. From that point on I pursued storytelling through motion. 


Now fast-forward however many years later and I'm still in a dark room, enamored as images move past. But now I extract and insert, order, omit, and enhance, helping craft evocative narratives to engage audiences everywhere. Living in one of the most beatiiful cities in the world, doing what I was meant to do....telling stories through frames.


– b






baco bryles creative, inc.

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San Francisco, CA 94129

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